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The end of a love relationship can be a life-shattering experience. It may have come abruptly or it may have been developing for years. It can be a divorce, the breakup of a long relationship, or the death of your partner. Regardless of the cause, you need to heal your heart, rebuild your trust, and get on with life.

The seminar is a "straight to the heart" group experience, 10 weeks of tried and tested healing techniques. The course materials have been used for over 20 years. The seminars objective is emotional recovery and giving you tools you need to rebuild and move beyond the pain of divorce.

The seminar is based on the work of Dr. Bruce Fisher, author of the Rebuilding book. Dr. Fisher developed the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale (FDAS) over 25 years ago. This test is used by divorce counselors and therapists worldwide.  You'll take the FDAS test at the beginning and end of the seminar, so you can clearly see where you've progressed and where you still need to focus.

The Healing Power of the group

The Rebuilding Seminar is a powerful and interactive group process. In addition to the facilitator, you’ll work with your classmates who are going through the same turmoil you are. In the beginning, you'll mostly have your pain in common. At the end of the 10 weeks you will have helped each other heal. Most seminar graduates describe this as a "life-changing" experience preparing them for a new life!

It's not unusual to create strong friendships with classmates who have opened their hearts, displayed their pain and confusion, and worked with you to rebuild trust and intimacy.