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People who feel stuck, isolated, wanting to break old patterns, struggling with the loss of a loved one or loss due to significant changes in their life can benefit from Body, Heart and Spirit Counseling. Counseling requires a good working partnership between therapist and client. I offer you that partnership with Body, Heart, and Spirit.

Body, Heart, and Spirit Counseling specializes in:

  • relationship difficulties: intimate partnership, family, work, and more
  • loss issues: death, job loss, divorce, and others

All aspects of your life are welcomed in Body, Heart, and Spirit Counseling. You gain a new perspective as you experience the integration of your physical and emotional life. I’ve worked with individuals going through divorce, grief, dealing with addiction, the stress of intense educational programs, individuals with mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. I’ve practiced in the wilderness, in big cities, and smaller towns. This variety of experience allows you the opportunity to be understood with Body, Heart, and Spirit Counseling.

Body, Heart, and Spirit Counseling assists you in healing and change through:

  • enhanced awareness
  • body experience
  • heartfelt emotions
  • a sense of a greater connection 

You enhance your effectiveness accomplishing things and enjoy life more when you deal with the concerns interfering with your power and clarity. Don’t continue putting off your optimal effectiveness.

Body, Heart, and Spirit Counseling offers a free initial consultation. Come in and we can talk about your needs and expectations, and get to know each other a bit. A sliding fee scale is available so limited finances don’t prevent you from getting the assistance you need to begin improving your life now.