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I was born in Los Angeles and lived in California until age 20. I went to high school in Steamboat Springs and to San Francisco State College in 1967-68 and enjoyed the music which was happening in San Francisco at the time. I started playing guitar at 16 years old and I’m still playing.

I moved to Colorado in 1968. I spent many years as a technical rock climber in Colorado and throughout western North America. My 2 children were born in a mountain cabin.

At the age of 40 I realized my body wouldn’t tolerate working as a carpenter indefinitely and I didn’t want to be a general contractor. I entered the first night program at the Boulder School of Massage Therapy, pounding nails by day. I soon became intrigued by the prospects of body-centered therapy and the emotional components of many forms of bodywork.

Three years after I graduated from BSMT The Naropa Institute initiated a program in Body Psychology in which I enrolled. I took 5 years to complete the program while working as a massage therapist.

In 1991 I discovered the Dances of Universal Peace, a form of somatic prayer. I have been involved with “the dances” ever since. I am currently one of the leaders in La Plata County.

I volunteered for the mental health crisis team in Boulder County and eventually worked for the Mental Health Center of Denver for 7 years while running a private practice in Boulder. Eventually I went to Utah to work in wilderness therapy for 2 years. I remember sitting on the slickrock one early morning watching the first sunlight strike the rock and sighing, “Another day at the office.”

My wife and I moved to La Plata County in August 2006. Since 2008 I have had a body-centered psychotherapy practice based in Durango. I’d be happy to meet you and talk about that work and my passion for it.